MDRU Technology

Moveable deployable resource unit (MDRU) is a ICT unit solution that is responsible for communication processing, information processing and storage of data. The MDRU is deployed to the affected areas as information and communication nodes to help interconnect to a wide area network. The MDRU also functions as reconstructing flexible resource unit to the use the telephone, Internet and corporate networks. Accordingly, the MDRU can adapt flexibly to diverse data communication requirement in affected areas even with limited resources.

The MDRU contains rack servers, network equipment and UPS; securing the access to the network and providing ICT services allowing the implementation of the functions:

(1) Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) access Provide wireless access service using the wireless access entrance for Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and wireless LAN access points to a spot radius of about 500m within the vicinity of the ICT unit.

(2) Voice Communication Service Using smart phone for voice communications for the ICT unit will help provide voice communications to those in the affected area. To allow calls between users that are connected to the IP-PBX to be able to communicate to the outside world within a ten minutes period of the IP-PBX being connected.

(3) Provide individual Virtual Machine (VM) Logically divides the ICT unit by the virtual machine technology to build multiple networks. It is possible to provide a server environment being used optionally on a VM that was constructed.