MDRU Team heading to UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction Sendai Japan 2015

The MDRU project will be displaying its technology at the UN world conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai Japan this coming March 15-17th . The conference is coinciding with the 4th anniversary of the Great East Japan earthquake that affected the country in 2011.

NTT and its partner CVISNET will be sending its teams to present the MDRU to key delegates from around the world. The teams will also present its current project in San Remigio, Philippines. Topics of discussion will include the learning experience from disasters and how the MDRU program has changed the way we use technology during disaster.

The program will be a great way to promote the MDRU around the world and the benefits that the program is already having in these two countries. Copies of the presentation will be available on the website upon completion of the conference.